where did the time go….

4 months!!!

Well almost 4 month anyway since I last posted something.  WOW, it’s been that long!!

It’s hard to say why I stopped posting. In fact I can’t really say cause I don’t know.  Yes, things got a little crazy and busy, but don’t we all!! 

Well the year is winding down.  I’m still busy but thankfully the kids are on break now.

10 more days till Christmas and 16 till the we turn the calendar year again.

Be Merry.

photo (1)


and we’re finally connected……

it’s been like forever, but we are now finally connected to the world! (a more reliable connection anyway)

We’re almost settled into our new home.  We can at least start living somewhat ‘normally’. There are still a couple of boxes that need to be unpacked and our final shipment has finally cleared customs and will be delivered next week.

Otherwise, it’s been a whirlwind these last 2 months.

But we’re almost there……!

At least the kids are back in for a new school year, and after next week I should have a routine/schedule too.

hope you all come back to visit me, as I have missed you all!!



Out and about Sunday









Another glorious day today.
We spent today window shopping, taking in the sun at the park and people watching.  My husband is down under with Renee.  he’ll be back this week and Renee has about a month left of her ‘boarding school’ experience. 
I hope your Sunday was pleasant and that you’re all rested for another week.


being lazy

today was a lazy day.. 
Yep we did nothing.  Nothing at all,  cause all week we’d been moving around London like tourists and yesterday we went to a farm just south of London with some friends from Kazakhstan. 



And so today we took it easy.
Just lazing around, reading, watching tv and just being together.
I think these are the best times.  no pressure to do anything.
I love it!!
hope you all had a lovely Saturday.


tourists again…


this past couple of days we’ve been tourists again.  With my nephew and his girlfriend visiting us why not!!
There really is so much to see and so much to do. 
And with the weather just so gorgeous we had to make the most of it outside, cause I’ve been told that here in London they only get 5 days.  5 days of lovely summer weather.  ( I think they’ve had a few more than that, but hey I’m not complaining.)


corner view–inner child

Corner View is a weekly appointment created by Jane but hosted by Francesca.  It’s where bloggers from all corners of the world share their view on a pre-arranged theme.

this weeks theme is ‘inner child” and is inspired by Anna.

Personally I think we should never grow up!!

inner child 1

monkeying around with my kids!!

inner child 2

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corner view–replace

Corner View is a weekly appointment created by Jane but hosted by Francesca.  It’s where bloggers from all corners of the world share their view on a pre-arranged theme.

this weeks theme is ‘replace” and is inspired by Anna.

iphone replace

Well this is not some kind of art work or anything – no this is a photo taken from my i-phone 

Unfortunately no amount of rice has been able to remove the moisture that has built up in my phone. 

Every now and then it decides to work and I’m able to use it for my instagram account, (http://instagram.com/karibaure/).  

river Thames

And then at other times times I get the screen above. 

I think it may be time to replace my i-phone.

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so on Monday……………….

what do you do?

Go watch the Tour de France of course!!

never in my life time did I ever imagine that I would go watch this race – let alone in London.  It was awesome.  The athletes sped by us so fast it was over in a flash but the waiting, the  excitement, and the shoulder to shoulder cheering was wonderful and just the grandness of the race,  was epic.

Our vantage point was the Tower of London.  Yep, in front of us the race, behind us the Tower of London.

I’m tired now…and I didn’t even cycle.  (hehe)

All in all it was a lovely day.  One to remember for sure!  And now it’s something I can cross of the ‘been there, done that’ list!!

Here are some pictures.


waiting for the cyclists


A Team Bus (not sure which team!)


And here they come………


and whoosh………………..so fast, so fit and so amazing.


and then my kids,  who were happy to have been a part of it.

tour de france


there are days….

photo (100)

when I have to sit back and just be thankful!

Not everything is perfect in my life(far from it) but things are good.  And I am so aware that in a flash it could be all change.  And for that reason alone, each and everyday I need to be thankful.


 I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and are ready to take on the coming week!!


corner view–growth

Today I am rejoining Corner View. 

Corner View is a weekly appointment created by Jane but hosted by Francesca.  It’s where bloggers from all corners of the world share their view on a pre-arranged theme.

So we have moved and this time London will be home for the next 2 maybe 3 years.  And I don’t think they’ll be blocking any websites from here…

So here is my first corner view from my new corner.  This weeks theme is growth and is inspired by Cole.

whenever we move I’m always excited to start fresh, learn new things, and reflect on what’s been and move on from their. And hopefully growing on the inside.

photo (98)

_MG_0437  Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still.

Chinese Proverb

for more corner view start with Francesca and Cole.

Happy Wednesday!

(I am still tying up loose ends on my last blog, but you are still welcome to visit!!)


welcome July

As I welcome in July I’m reminded that we are half way through summer….OMG where did the time go to?
I guess when one moves the minutes, hours and seconds of a day all become one thing. And everything becomes a ‘by this date we should be….’ kind of measurement!!
Well we are spending our summer in London and I still have to wear a scarf and a light sweater.  So different to the summers I’m use too, but I guess this is what changing and adapting is all about.  The locals tell me it a little to warm and I think they’re crazy!!.  But then they must look at me and think I’m crazy….oh well.
Anyway I have some news…..our air shipment arrives next week (yippee) while our sea shipment should arrive 2 weeks after that.  That makes me happy….
Now just to get a response from the landlord that we put an offer to last week for a house!!
Yep I’m still waiting……
Anyway hope you had a lovely Tuesday, where ever you are!!


looking for ‘that’ house..

this week was a busy week.  we went out to try find a place to turn into our home for the next couple of years.

We were appointed an agent and this is what we told him we wanted - open plan living, breakfast nook, ensuite and with a couple of bedrooms.

So unless the stars are all lined up we knew that every house we saw would not have all the boxes ticked.

Anyway we looked at a total of 25 houses and we narrowed it down to 3.

We’ve sent in an offer for our first choice….and now we wait.  here are the pictures of the kitchens of the houses that made the cut.

london h1London H2London h3

happy weekend to you all.

my fingers will be crossed….hoping they accept our offer.


after a week…

what’s not too like about London?!

The weather has been beautiful, the people that we’ve met have been lovely and the choices of things to do are endless.

photo (95)photo (96)photo (92)photo (97)photo (94)

I think I’m going to enjoy this assignment.  


And we've moved again!


So here I am again.....same me, just a different location.

Yes, we moved this past weekend and here we are!

This is my 4 stop.  And if you have followed me on my previous blogs, you will know that this is my 3rd blog. You can probably tell I am no tech savvy person, cause if I was I would have one blog for all these adventures that I am on. 

But I am not.

so for now this will be the blog to follow for our new adventures here in the London.  Yep, you read it right, London.

I think I'm going to enjoy this stop!!