looking for ‘that’ house..

this week was a busy week.  we went out to try find a place to turn into our home for the next couple of years.

We were appointed an agent and this is what we told him we wanted - open plan living, breakfast nook, ensuite and with a couple of bedrooms.

So unless the stars are all lined up we knew that every house we saw would not have all the boxes ticked.

Anyway we looked at a total of 25 houses and we narrowed it down to 3.

We’ve sent in an offer for our first choice….and now we wait.  here are the pictures of the kitchens of the houses that made the cut.

london h1London H2London h3

happy weekend to you all.

my fingers will be crossed….hoping they accept our offer.


after a week…

what’s not too like about London?!

The weather has been beautiful, the people that we’ve met have been lovely and the choices of things to do are endless.

photo (95)photo (96)photo (92)photo (97)photo (94)

I think I’m going to enjoy this assignment.  


And we've moved again!


So here I am again.....same me, just a different location.

Yes, we moved this past weekend and here we are!

This is my 4 stop.  And if you have followed me on my previous blogs, you will know that this is my 3rd blog. You can probably tell I am no tech savvy person, cause if I was I would have one blog for all these adventures that I am on. 

But I am not.

so for now this will be the blog to follow for our new adventures here in the London.  Yep, you read it right, London.

I think I'm going to enjoy this stop!!