corner view–replace

Corner View is a weekly appointment created by Jane but hosted by Francesca.  It’s where bloggers from all corners of the world share their view on a pre-arranged theme.

this weeks theme is ‘replace” and is inspired by Anna.

iphone replace

Well this is not some kind of art work or anything – no this is a photo taken from my i-phone 

Unfortunately no amount of rice has been able to remove the moisture that has built up in my phone. 

Every now and then it decides to work and I’m able to use it for my instagram account, (http://instagram.com/karibaure/).  

river Thames

And then at other times times I get the screen above. 

I think it may be time to replace my i-phone.

For more CV start with Francesca and Anna.


Heather said...

I think it is time to replace it! Although the top photo could be "art" :-)

:) said...

In this case, to replace is nice... See you soon on Instagram!

Francesca said...

see you on instagram then! ;)

likeschocolate said...

I had to replace my iphone 2 years ago when living in Heidelburg for the summer. Sadly I lost all the images that I had taken when it gave up the ghost.

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

so... in the meantime you did replace kazakhstan for london, didn't you?
like i said earlier, it'll be time to meet up for real, before long...

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