so on Monday……………….

what do you do?

Go watch the Tour de France of course!!

never in my life time did I ever imagine that I would go watch this race – let alone in London.  It was awesome.  The athletes sped by us so fast it was over in a flash but the waiting, the  excitement, and the shoulder to shoulder cheering was wonderful and just the grandness of the race,  was epic.

Our vantage point was the Tower of London.  Yep, in front of us the race, behind us the Tower of London.

I’m tired now…and I didn’t even cycle.  (hehe)

All in all it was a lovely day.  One to remember for sure!  And now it’s something I can cross of the ‘been there, done that’ list!!

Here are some pictures.


waiting for the cyclists


A Team Bus (not sure which team!)


And here they come………


and whoosh………………..so fast, so fit and so amazing.


and then my kids,  who were happy to have been a part of it.

tour de france

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