welcome July

As I welcome in July I’m reminded that we are half way through summer….OMG where did the time go to?
I guess when one moves the minutes, hours and seconds of a day all become one thing. And everything becomes a ‘by this date we should be….’ kind of measurement!!
Well we are spending our summer in London and I still have to wear a scarf and a light sweater.  So different to the summers I’m use too, but I guess this is what changing and adapting is all about.  The locals tell me it a little to warm and I think they’re crazy!!.  But then they must look at me and think I’m crazy….oh well.
Anyway I have some news…..our air shipment arrives next week (yippee) while our sea shipment should arrive 2 weeks after that.  That makes me happy….
Now just to get a response from the landlord that we put an offer to last week for a house!!
Yep I’m still waiting……
Anyway hope you had a lovely Tuesday, where ever you are!!

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