Last Friday, we finally all met.  We decided to do it and we did!!


It’s sometimes difficult to get together with friends and to actually make the time to meet. We all have different schedules, things going on in our lives, but we did it.  One of us suggested the idea, emailed the others and we all said yes! 

Sounds easy right…..well not always!!  Of course we all have things to do.  3 of us have kids with us, while the other has a daughter back in the US. 

Anyway we met at the fancy Aqua Shard for lunch and it was so good. The view, the food and the company.  It was great to meet and catch up with each other, and hear of what everyone is doing.

Well how do we know each other you may ask……Well we have an assignment location in common.  We all moved from Kazakhstan.


We enjoyed each other’s company so much that we’ve decided to try and at least do it every month. 

Should be fun.

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