corner view–walk of my dreams

pari hanua
this is an aerial view of my village, back in Papua New Guinea.  So my ‘walk of dream’ naturally draws me to water, which always reminds me of home. 
In fact any water space is where I’m most comfortable and find myself at peace.
maldives 3
share your walk of dream and for more corner views start at Fuoriborgo and tinywoolf


Mezza May said...

The path in first photo really hugs the coastline, doesn't it? I can imagine that would be a fantastic walk!

simply bev said...

Your village looks heavenly! I agree with you...being near the water brings such peace.

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

water is a carrier of many things past and present.... i can only imagine of course, how it feels for you, your hometown and the climate and the surroundings.
i hope you find yourself near the thames these days, to feed that natural surge for water... n♥

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

The lego exhibit in the previous post looks so cool. My children would love it! As for your walk! Who woudn't want to walk here!

Ibb Ibnz said...

Walking over the water..,great places

Francesca said...

though i wasn't born by the water, there is where i too go in my dreams.

:) said...

A walk in Paradise ;)