feeling happy…

Today I went to Refuse and Recycling Center. ( I wish I had taken photo’s!!)

Anyway, it made me H.A.P.P.Y.

OMG,  I can’t believe the way I felt as we were driving out of the place. 

Why so happy you may ask…..well I got rid of stuff!  Stuff that I’ve been holding onto since we unpacked our boxes.  Stuff that I was holding onto but not using or even liking. It was such an awesome feeling to ‘dump’ all that stuff and then turn my back and drive away.

I think I could get high on that feeling……

So here’s ‘feeling happy’ for my first step to clearing clutter and living simply this year!!

No it’s not a resolution, but maybe a solution to ‘happy living’!!

living happy

Hope you have all enjoyed your Sunday and are looking forward to the week!!


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