Friday’s Fave Five.– # 1

Remember Fave Five, the meme I use to do so long ago?  …….

FFF birds on a wire

well it’s time again for me to jump back into this   I thought I’d join a community instead of going it alone.  Actually I bought a diary, a gratitude diary to be specific and I thought I’d write them down instead – pen to paper everyday.


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And then on Fridays, I’d share the highlights.  Share those things that not only made my face light up and smile, but also make my heart smile.  I know you know that feeling!!

Anyway, so here’s to my first Fave Five for 2015!!  And in case you don’t remember what Fave Five is, or want to join the community, click here.

So here’s what made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy this week:

1.  calling a friend and hearing that all is going well with her little family and learning that her sister is here to visit.  - there is always a reward for initiating a call, you don’t have to wait for the right moment to call someone.

2.  a good cup of coffee on a cold winter morning.  There’s coffee and then there’s good coffee. 

3.  letting go of my inhibition and just doing something.  I haven’t play netball since my days at high school and I was a little worried to try it again, and at a new place with strangers.  Boy am I glad I just went for it.  It was so awesome to play again and a bonus….I made some new friends.


4.  taking an initiative……and being thanked for stepping out and up!!  With every assignment we have been posted too, I always try to make sure that I explore as much of my host country as I can.  And now that I’m in London, why would you not want too explore  Anyway I asked the parents at the school my kids go to to see if anyone else would like to join me and they said yes.  So now I’ll be working to organise trips for us!  Should be fun.


this is the book I’ll be using to plan our trips (it’s such an awesome book)

5.  watching people do random acts of kindness.  I like to people watch, and there are days when I’ll head out to the high street, buy my coffee and watch people.  And I love it when I see someone do something nice for someone else.  I’ve seen things like ‘a younger person’ volunteering to carry an old ladies groceries, or someone running to stop a mother whose child in a pram has lost their stuffed toy.  Seeing such acts is always good for  my soul.

So there’s my five for this week.

What were yours?  Do share and join the community at Living to Tell the Story where Sussane is our host.

Happy Weekend.


Willow said...

Kari! You're back at FFF!! I was so excited to see your comment in my feed.
And you're posted in one of my most favorite cities in all the world! I recommend the Chelsea Physic Garden to you for your explorations.

Faith said...

oh you live in London!! how awesome. my husband wanted to take our 2 daughters and myself there this coming summer but we just cant swing the airfare....we have been to Paris for our 20th anniversary and my 50th birthday in 2010 (all one trip) but this summer is our 25th and we thought we'd like London.....but....not gonna happen :) how fun to join a team with a sport you once played. Is that like volleyball? there's nothing like a GOOD cup of coffee and calls with friends. great list of faves!

Kari said...


Enjoying my karate journey.

Back in January of 2017, I started my karate journey....... again.  I had tried it back in 2012 but I believe I got injured (not from karate...