good afternoon….I’m from darkest Peru!!!

hehehe,   No, I,m not from darkest Peru, but my son’s furry friend is.  And his name is Paddington.

photo 1 (4)

using his Christmas money to make one more purchase…

photo 2 (6)

I’m sure you’ve heard of him!!!

Anyway only 2 more days till my minions are back at school.  The holiday season is over and I’m ready (and in all honesty so are my kids),  ready to get back to routines, schedule and lists.

For the past 3 years we’ve always travelled during the Christmas holidays and this year it was different.  We didn’t rack up the miles in the air, we only made a trip to Scotland and then for most of the holidays we stayed in London.  it was different but London is so much more than just Big Ben, the Buckingham Palace and the London Eye….so much more and we’ve only just scratched the surface, actually we haven’t even made a dent.

I plan on exploring this vibrant city more.

I hope your start of the week has a smooth one!!


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