no Monday morning blues here….


Today was a busy day.

Monday’s tend to be like that….around here.  But I think it’s the best way to start the week.  Ready to get through that list of things to do, and then to also clean up after a ‘no clean’ weekend!! 

And I like that!! 

Today as I went about crossing off that to do list I couldn’t help but feel thankful, just a joy in my heart….Can’t really say why, but one things is for sure….it’s a good feeling.

And no, not everything is perfect in my house or life, but there is a lot of things that I can be thankful for!!


these are old photos from Kazahkstan.  I miss the pretty white – but not the cold…


I’ve decided to start my list again.  I did this a couple or years ago but was not consistent and this time around I want to be. I think the practice of being thankful will somehow add so much more to my life…..…so here’s to a year of thankfulness.

here’s a few things I’m thankful for….

1.  my mum.  I miss here a lot and there are days that I wish I was closer to her, but to hear that she’s doing well and is well makes me happy.

2.  Free coffee.  Oh bless the girl at Starbucks who made my day and brewed 4L of coffee  for the parents at school.  We were blessed.

3.  meeting new people.  I love meeting new people.

4.  thankful that we don’t have snow, but I miss the beauty that comes with it.  I really do miss that blanket of white.  It’s gorgeous.

5. being able to all have dinner together.  doesn’t happen often and so when it does it’s a good thing.

6.  my children’s teachers and when they tell me good, positive things about my kids.

7.  a little bit of rain.  Yes, when it rains it’s not that cold….

I hope your week has started well.

sending warm hugs…………..

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