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Trust me when I say that not all passports are created equal!!

I spend a lot of time at embassies, Consulates and Visa services!!.  There are times when I feel like I’m always gathering information to appease someone who will take a look at my visa applications and supporting documents and then decide whether or not to grant me a visa to enter their country.

Information like medical insurance, hotel accommodations, bank statements to prove that I can support myself during the trip, notarized marriage certificate, and birth certificates (and when your children have been born all over the place, that means a visit to 3 different embassies!!) and then other little stuff ‘depending on who is at the counter!!!

embassy 2Of course I understand the need to do this and the reasons behind it, but sometimes it gets frustrating!!  Frustrating cause I’ve seen the benefit of other passport holders.  Some passports allow you to fly into the country and they’ll grant you your visa on arrival – no checking of hotel accommodation, whether or not they have funds to support their trip, medical insurance and on and on.  All those things they ask from me, none of that gets checked….uggh

Anyway……excuse me for my rambling/ranting……it’s really not that bad,  just frustrating!!

Well we just went through the process and applied for a schengen visa and OMG the amount of information they asked for was kind of ridiculous….  But anyway we obliged and satisfied their every request!!!….and it was granted!! – Hooray!! 

Now we are all set for mid term break. That in itself is a small miracle for me, cause I’m so last minute at organising holidays!

Have a great weekend!!


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