weekends are for……

exploring a different part of London.
Today we took the kids to an exhibition – the Art of the Brick Exhibit, which is a Lego exhibit.  We really enjoyed seeing Lego’s used in a different way. 
_MG_0009_MG_0013_MG_0035_MG_0036_MG_0040_MG_0050_MG_0052Everything we saw was made of Legos…..it was amazing and I think my kids were inspired.   Actually I think I was too!
Anyway apart from the Lego exhibit, my kids also noticed the streets full of graffiti. Graffiti on the streets is something we don’t see where we live so my kids really loved it and thought is was really cool.  We even managed to tag along with a group taking a tour of the street art!
I think all around, you could say today was a day of getting back in touch with our creative side and appreciating art, and the different mediums out there.
Fortunately there are no rules in Art….  Nathan Sawaya (the logo artist)
hope you all had a lovely weekend too.

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