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In all our years as renters we’ve never had a ‘landlord’ inspection.  And today was the first!!
_MG_0315It’s a good thing that yesterday was my ‘clean the house’ day and so today worked out just fine for them to come and do their inspection. 
It’s also been an positive thing that I’ve joined the community of ‘the January Cure’ over at the apartment therapy blog.
It’s been a good exercise for me.  I think there comes a point in time when one realizes that they have too much ‘stuff’  I think (I’m hoping anyway) that this is my year!!  I’ve accumulated ‘stuff’ with every move and now I have to purge.  it’s time to de-clutter.
Anyway Ravi, the guy who came and did the inspection gave me a thumbs up and said we were good tenants!!  I would hope so ………………..we are living in someone else’s house!!
p.s. check out the blog if you like and it’s never too late to join the January cure!!

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♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

your space looks lovely, just lovely and decluttering opens up the mind, always a good thing. good luck with this for the rest of the month! n♥

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