28th of February

this is always a sad day for.


my father’s birthday is on this day, but you see he is no longer with us.  He lost his battle to cancer 5 years ago.  And although time has passed, it has not really healed. 

I think of Dad a lot and I miss him much.

Today would have been a day of celebration, a day to love him and a give him his presents, (although that is not what he ever really wanted). 

He was a simple man, loved simple things.  And on his birthday -   ice cream is what he would have really just wanted.  Ice cream!!

So today Dad, like every other day that I think of you and remember you in my heart – I will have an ice cream.

Happy Birthday Dad!  Today you would have been 65.

Gone too soon.


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♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

nice memory for you. i think your dad looks every bit like how you describe him. enjoy yor ice cream, kari! n♥

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