Friday’s Fave Five ~ # 4


FFF birds on a wire

I can’t believe it’s Friday already….WOW!

Well last week I mentioned we’d be away for the week and well we’ve spent it in Roma, Italy.  it really is such an old city and so much history.  It really does take you back and there really is a lot to appreciate.

it’s been a fun, we’ve been busy exploring and taking it all in and eating.  Eating a lot and drinking a lot of cappuccino's!!  Thanks Susanne for hosting Fave Five.

Anyway so here are my highlights………….

1.  Thankful that we are safe.  Our bags got stolen with all the stuff in them.  I’m not so upset about our stuff being taken but am upset that they took our passports too.  This is a tricky one but I am remaining positive about the situation.  We spent hours filing a report and then today we spent at the US Embassy and on the phones trying to get emergency travel documents. – no fun but like I said, at least we are safe.


the Italian police crest (which is also the military)

2.  Dinner with friends.- After a stressful day we were able to have dinner with some lovely friends who we met Bangkok when we lived there.  They now live in Rome and we were able to spend some time with them.  We are blessed to call them friends.

3.  Seeing ‘masterpieces’!..This week in Rome we visited the St Peter’s Basilica and saw Michelangelo the painters work in the Sistine Chapel.  We were also able to see “David” – Michael Angelo the Sculptor great work, in Florence.   I only learnt about these pieces in art, read books about Michael Angelo but then to see his work in person just blew my mind away!

photo 1 (10)

photo 2 (11)

censored version of David

uncensored picture of David below


photo 2 (12)

the pieta that sits in St Peter’s Basilica.

we were not allowed to take pictures in the Sistine Chapel.

4.  Visiting the Coliseum. Listening to the tour guide talk about the activities of the  Coliseum you can’t help but feel how brutal and barbaric it all was.  But in reality it was built for more than just the Gladiator fights.  It also showed Rome’s and great architecture.


5. enjoying the cappuccino's, gelato and of course pizza and pasta!  my kids are in carb heaven, and I am loving the coffee.

I hope you all had a great week too!!


Barbara H. said...

Wow, what a wonderful trip! How neat to see those great works in person! So sorry about the stolen luggage - what a pain to have to deal with getting the passports taken care of as well as functioning without your stuff. Kudos to you for maintaining such a great attitude.

Susan said...

I smiled when you showed the censored and uncensored photos of David. ;)

I would be in carb heaven too with all those lovely choices. YUMMMM.

So sorry to hear about the theft. Along with you I am glad you are safe. And it sounds like it all worked out okay. Kudos for maintaining a positive attitude.

Susanne said...

How wonderful that you are able to travel and see the world the way you do! And cappuccino's in Italy? Yup that has got to be a favourite!!

Willow said...

Seeing your photos of Rome makes me want to return! I was there with my daughter in 2001. Yes, I saw David :), and the Pieta, and The Coliseum, etc. What a delightful time for you!
Cappuccinos! Gelato!

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