it’s turning out to be one of those weeks…

Well after a month of ‘curing’ my house, we got that “notice.”

home search

A Notice from our landlords that they want to sell their property and so I (we) are on the move again,  Searching for that perfect house!!

Is there any such thing really as the perfect house? 

I don’t think so but we have a checklist or wishlist rather, and the aim is to tick off as many of the boxes as we can…

So here we are again…..looking and searching

Not fun, but has to be done!!

Wish me luck.


Tera said...

Oh how I dislike those notices. Just when I find a perfect location, fall in love with the adopted home...then I find another.

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

aw. yeah. and you showed us your home just recently and were so happy about it too. here's to finding better even! n♥

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