monochrome Monday

there are days when I ask ‘why’ a lot.

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Today was one of those days.  Yesterday morning, I got news that my sister had given birth to a baby girl.  Before I went to bed, I got another message that she had lost her precious little princess.

I didn’t get all the details except that my sister is heartbroken.  She’s the youngest of us all in a family of 6 and it breaks my heart, that she’s not able to rejoice in her new status as mummy. 

Why…..I guess that can’t be answered now.

It’s times like this that I wish I was closer to my siblings.

feeling sad……

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Menthe Blanche said...

I'm so sad to read that Kari. I wish her a lot of courage to face this sad time. But I'm sure she will be one day a happy mom.

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