not like we planned…..

but it is what it is!!  we are still stuck in Italy!!

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We got word on our passports last night – they are being worked on back in Papua New Guinea (because we don’t have an embassy or Consulate) here in Rome so there is no other way around it – except to get new passports issued from home, Papua New Guinea.  Apparently to get an emergency travel document both the country your leaving and the country your entering have to agree that you can travel into a country with ‘a piece of paper’.  We had some ‘red tape’ issues so we’re going the long route.  Which is getting new passports done for us.

It’s unfortunate – because we’ve had such a lovely time here in Rome, Florence and Pompeii and Naples.  But what happened to us has left a bad taste. 

It’s so easy to sit in our hotel room and feel sorry for ourselves……..but there is a lot still out there to explore, so that is what we are going to do!!

Explore More!!

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♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

crikeys! seriously?
i'm running behind, still.
i guess you're back home now, right?

kari, on meeting up march, the 17th... i'm gonna have to offer a rain cheque. i've planned a king's road walk and photography session, and an exhibition, and also a meet up. i will most probably be back in december, for a longer time than just the day. shall we meet later?

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