ready, set…….move

kids are on spring break.

But we’re busy getting ready to move.  cleaning, purging and pre packing.  and of course in between we’re going to try to find some time to do some fun things.  We have to!!

Well this has been home for the last 8 months. We met some happy people, happy neighbors and we’ve totally loved our high street and everything about the area.

photo (7)Burlington-Rd

B42 - 1B42B42 - 2

But it’s time to move.  I have no doubt that our Landlord will have no problems selling this property.  It’s been great!!

now to get back to cleaning………


Mari said...

You must be very organized! I would have a hard time with moving so often. This was a pretty place!

Kari said...

Oh Mari, I wish I was that organized. I do try though....I really have too.

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