we’re almost all settled…

well it’s been almost 2 weeks now and we’re almost all settled into our new house.

We’ve been lucky with the weather – it’s been a great time to move houses and we hope that we won’t have to do this again.  Not until it’s time to leave here anyway.

Well I‘ve had little to no internet access so I’ve been away.  It’s been good actually.  No internet access is forcing us to detox.  It’s surprising how much we rely on being connected.  I’m thankful that we can, but it’s always good to step away.

Anyway, I hope to be up and running again soon.  I’ve missed you all. 

here are some pictures of our new house I took on my phone.   Living with boxes…..slowly unpacking!!

photo 1 (3)photo 2 (1)photo 3 (1)photo 4 (3)photo 5 (1)


today I (we) celebrate……

He is Risen!

and on the 3rd day

Happy Easter friends and family.

photohunters ~ ageing

so what is ageing…..well it’s the process of growing old.

here’s my photo for this theme.


barrels of beer…..from our trip to Fullers, London Pride.

Apparently they don’t make too much of what’s in there and it’s expensive.  At the time we went it had been just over 200 days.



corner view ~ in bloom


this is my profile picture.  The one I use on my facebook and my blog and any other social media platform that I use.  For as long as I can remember I’ve used these flowers.  Not only are they beautiful but it tends to remind me of this quote (or saying)…….

 “Bloom where you’re planted”.

it’s not always an easy thing to do, because we can get so caught up in our own little world and our own ways of how we do things and how we may want things to be done.

But if there is anything I have learnt from our constant moving of continents, countries, neighborhoods and houses is that things will not always be done exactly how I want them done.  Or that how I may do or my view of things is not how it’s done in that country that I am calling home, for the duration of an assignment. 

So what have I learnt to do (and am still learning) is that you go with the flow.  I must appreciate the things about the place I’m calling home …….and try my best to bloom!!


(these are my flowers that have moved with me every where – they remind me of home)

And so for now, London is home and where I’m trying my best to bloom.  You’d think that in an English speaking country it would be easier, but, ummm….well, I’ll let you know how that is going!!


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