corner view ~ in bloom


this is my profile picture.  The one I use on my facebook and my blog and any other social media platform that I use.  For as long as I can remember I’ve used these flowers.  Not only are they beautiful but it tends to remind me of this quote (or saying)…….

 “Bloom where you’re planted”.

it’s not always an easy thing to do, because we can get so caught up in our own little world and our own ways of how we do things and how we may want things to be done.

But if there is anything I have learnt from our constant moving of continents, countries, neighborhoods and houses is that things will not always be done exactly how I want them done.  Or that how I may do or my view of things is not how it’s done in that country that I am calling home, for the duration of an assignment. 

So what have I learnt to do (and am still learning) is that you go with the flow.  I must appreciate the things about the place I’m calling home …….and try my best to bloom!!


(these are my flowers that have moved with me every where – they remind me of home)

And so for now, London is home and where I’m trying my best to bloom.  You’d think that in an English speaking country it would be easier, but, ummm….well, I’ll let you know how that is going!!


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♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

that yellow and pink bloom of yours has indeed grown into the favicon related to you. and if i notice it anywhere else, i always think you've been around, or something. which you have, around the world... ;))) n♥

Theresa said...


:) said...

I keep the quote!!! Have a nice day :) where you are.

Mezza May said...

It's certainly a good mantra to live by. I hope you grown to enjoy living in London

Holly said...

It may be difficult to adapt sometimes, but wow it must be awesome to absorb the differences around the globe. Keep blooming!

Francesca said...

oh, no, i'm sorry to read that about london! hopefully finding a house will make things better! what's the news on that front?
PS no trouble viewing your blog right now, though I've always found this particular layout confusing - but that's just me!

Tera said...

They remind me of a beach. In school we'd sing a song through the years that had " bloom, bloom, bloom where you're planted" in the lyrics and it's always stuck with me.