5 weeks……

OMG, it’s literally been five weeks since we’ve been off line.

And now we are finally connected to the world wide web again………………….and I’m thankful.  I learnt a few things about myself while offline and I certainly got to see my kids detox (and at times unpleasant) to wee how dependent we’ve become to the internet.

It was good to be offline, but not so much for my kids because I realized that quite a bit of their homework needs the internet.

Well all is good now and I’m thankful to be connected ‘again’.

Happy Days!!

So while I was away…..

  • we moved houses
  • my daughter went to Turkey for a soccer tournament
  • got our new resident visa’s issued into our new passports
  • had our older daughter pick her subjects for the IB program which she starts next school year
  • helped organize a Spring Fair at the kids school
  • started running again with my husband - we plan on running a marathon together
  • celebrated my mum and mother’s Day

photo 1 (4)

this is where I go for a run – it’s so much better than a treadmill.

photo 2 (4)

enjoying the sunshine near the river

photo 5 (2)

my husband and I after a 10k run – it was difficult but satisfying!!

Otherwise all is good, things are well.

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