monochrome monday.

from this Monday onwards , I will share a ‘monochrome’ pictureevery monday.  This is so that I get to play around with my camera.  I’ve been thinking about signing up for a class but we’ll see.  Maybe later. 

stone henge

Join me if you like…

Happy Week!


summer has officially begun.

So this weekend we were busy.  Sleep overs, good byes, and just wrapping up what really has been a good year at school for my kids.

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When you move and have to find a school for your kids, it’s a big responsibility.  Of course the tendency is to want to look for the best school.  But how do you measure best or good?

This is our 5th move and I have learnt a few things.  One thing I’ve learnt is that ‘best’ is not always ‘best’ for me and my family.  And because of that I tend to look for what best ‘fits us’.  And so I have applied that lesson to the task of finding a school.

After a year at this school I can confidently say that I think I have found the best ‘fit’ for my kids.  If there is anything I am sure of – it is that they are third culture kids for sure.  So it is only natural for me to try and find that school that has a community of kids who are going through the same things as they are.

Well it’s been a great school year for them.  They certainly surprised me by excelling in all areas – academically, socially and emotionally.

I am a happy mama. 

Now let the ‘summer begin’!! 


corner view ~ monochrome



No matter which country or community we’re in  - June is always a sad month.

Our first year in London is done and the kids have been in school for 10 months.  We’ve met some great families and the kids have made some wonderful friends. ….and now it’s time to say goodbye to some of them.

Between the girls there is at least 10 kids leaving from their grades,  and Joshua has 6 leaving from his class.

Friday is the last day off school and it’s going to be a sad day.  Very sad.  Tears will flow, there will be lots of hugging……………….. But you have to say good bye.  And say it properly.

Saying good-bye creates closure and is necessary to be able to move forward. 

Whether you’re the one leaving or the one staying behind.

Say good-bye.

Thanks Francesca and Mezza.


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one year ago….

I left this  ………… extreme weather.  From minus 40 in the winters and plus 40 in the summers.

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_MG_0921  _MG_0929

We said goodbye and moved to London.  The most visited city in the world.


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I love it here,  but I miss Kazakhstan!  Gee, never thought I’d ever say that but I do.  Not really too sure what exactly it is but I do.  Maybe it’s the people, the community or just the simple way of life that they lived.  Of course there where people I met who said life was difficult, but simple.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love London.  the city, the country.  The vibrant life, the many things to do and see and of course the diversity.  It’s awesome.  But at times overwhelming.

I guess when you go through a city as a tourist it’s different.  You have a short amount of time and so you pack in the “things to do”.  When you have to live here – life has to take a different pace.

You have to live, make that life.  All those mundane things that need to be done – have to be done.  So it’s different.

None the less – it’s exciting.

This is the life I have. 

I am an Expat……………..and you learn (and choose) to just get on with it.


cycles of life.

So I’ve been busy!

Has it really been a month?  Gee so much is happening I really have not thought much about this blog.  Let alone sitting and sharing what has now been a year in London.

Wow one year!

This year has really not flowed or gone as I would have wanted.  We’ve moved 4 times in total – 2 small moves and 2 major moves.  All in London.  And who can forget our ordeal in Italy!!

Well it really has not been a smooth year but hey, things could have been worse.

Anyway so much to share but for me the highlight has been my kids and school.  Tanysha has just finished the PYP program and so will be “moving on” while Renee just graduated and will also be moving into a Diploma IB program.

So despite an interrupted year my girls have excelled – not only academically but also socially which is also important.

Here are some photos…..




Happy Week!