cycles of life.

So I’ve been busy!

Has it really been a month?  Gee so much is happening I really have not thought much about this blog.  Let alone sitting and sharing what has now been a year in London.

Wow one year!

This year has really not flowed or gone as I would have wanted.  We’ve moved 4 times in total – 2 small moves and 2 major moves.  All in London.  And who can forget our ordeal in Italy!!

Well it really has not been a smooth year but hey, things could have been worse.

Anyway so much to share but for me the highlight has been my kids and school.  Tanysha has just finished the PYP program and so will be “moving on” while Renee just graduated and will also be moving into a Diploma IB program.

So despite an interrupted year my girls have excelled – not only academically but also socially which is also important.

Here are some photos…..




Happy Week!

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Mari said...

Congratulations! Your girls are beautiful, and it seems they are successful too.

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