one year ago….

I left this  ………… extreme weather.  From minus 40 in the winters and plus 40 in the summers.

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_MG_0921  _MG_0929

We said goodbye and moved to London.  The most visited city in the world.


(photo credit – google)

I love it here,  but I miss Kazakhstan!  Gee, never thought I’d ever say that but I do.  Not really too sure what exactly it is but I do.  Maybe it’s the people, the community or just the simple way of life that they lived.  Of course there where people I met who said life was difficult, but simple.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love London.  the city, the country.  The vibrant life, the many things to do and see and of course the diversity.  It’s awesome.  But at times overwhelming.

I guess when you go through a city as a tourist it’s different.  You have a short amount of time and so you pack in the “things to do”.  When you have to live here – life has to take a different pace.

You have to live, make that life.  All those mundane things that need to be done – have to be done.  So it’s different.

None the less – it’s exciting.

This is the life I have. 

I am an Expat……………..and you learn (and choose) to just get on with it.

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