corner view ~ path(s)

We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path.


a couple of weeks ago a group of us dressed up and headed off to a ‘very British’ event – tradition actually. 

The Royal Ascot.

2015 ISL Ascot

None of us in the group are Brits, but that did not stop us from going and experiencing this wonderful event, that is a big occasion on the Brits calendar.

We had fun.  In our time out there I got to know these women better.  Of course we see each other at school and know each other as ‘so and so’s mum’, but on this day we were woman, carrying our own names, out for a good time.

photo (20)photo (21)

We talked, laughed, placed bets and won some money and also drank Pimms together.

I am certain that this group of women have crossed my path at this time of my life for a reason.  I may not see it yet, but there’s a reason.

For more corner view ‘paths’ start with Francesca and Mezza.

Oh and I did get to see the Queen and wave at her! 





Heather said...

Looks like so much fun! And such pretty dresses and hats!

Tera said...

Such fun! Makes me crave a Pimms cup!

Mari said...

What fun! You pulled off that look very well!

jgy said...

That is so sweet! I love that you dove in and had fun with the Hat Day!!
You look great! And so true about crossing paths. Actually I just wrote you a comment to your comment on my blog, and this is what it says:(little did I know when I wrote it that your post was about just that idea of crossing paths!! Fun serendipity to the paths theme. And makes me think of us all here in CV too, crossing paths each Wednesday. Hats off to you dear CV friend!!)♡

PS to Kari,
I had a thought about the photo, I don`t know who the two girls are in the picture, it was just a snap, so after reading your comment, I imagine them as our daughters, walking together !! Thank you for the one moment as they met here in this post!!♡

jgy said...

PSS HATS would be a fun theme for CV. It would have to be US though, each of us (with family and friends ok too!) in our respective hats!!
Francesca, if you pass by here, what do you think>!)

:) said...

A great moment!!! Lucky you are!

And, if you want to know, for my last post, the photo was taken in the district of Bercy in Paris. It is a former railroad reserved for the pedestrians today...

Francesca said...

love the 'hats' theme Joanne! :)

Francesca said...

it's good to see that wherever you end up living, you always find a group of friends!

Susi-Art said...

looking really british there, must have been great fun to do local tradition things!