corner view ~ routine

Summer anywhere for us always means – “No Routine”.

And my kids love it.  We are almost, always spontaneous.  late nights and later mornings.  eating out, eating late and chasing the sun.

Last summer we had just moved here and were feeling our way around.  This time, this summer we want to be out and about.

Hooray to NO ‘routines’……….  for a couple of months anyway!!



photo (22)

photo (25)photo (26)

photo (30)

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:) said...

I really like the idea of "No Routine" :)

Holly said...

Well I feel better now about the not so put together routine, it opens us up to unexpected adventures.

jgy said...

I love the feeling, and the freedom! So carefree and full of joy!!
Thanks for teaching a new meaning to `routine`. I think I have been living in Japan too long:))♡

Susi-Art said...

freedom summertime!!
have fun with all the spontaneous days!

Heather said...

Lovely photos! I envy that you are able to go routine free. I MUST have a routine or I get nothing accomplished. Once day off routine and I feel rudderless.

Tera said...

Making the best summer memories for your kids!!

Francesca said...

so many things to do in London in the summer!

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Great photos! yes, no routine here too! Happy Summer! I have to say I do enjoy sleeping in!

Anonymous said...

sounds perfect. Enjoy your Summer :)