For 24hours

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So today was a stay at home day or a stay close to home day and commute by walking!!  The London Underground Tube workers went on strike...and it caused some major problems.

Now I've come to be so impressed with the public transport here.  When all systems are running smoothly it really is efficient.  But when they shut down there is a domino effect.

No matter how you see things - everything is related to each other.  No one thing - service in this case can stand alone.  The non service of underground tubes had  a ripple effect for sure.

I hope it's just 24 hours and it does not carry on for more than that or for multiple days.  I'm sure the workers have their reasons and I hope it gets solved sooner rather than later......

hope your Thursday was without hiccups...

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likeschocolate said...

Hope you regain service soon. That happened to me once in Rome. They striked which meant we walked everywhere. Not the end of the world, but it was rather warm that day and I totally crashed in bed that night.