the little things…

hooray for Fridays!

After a week of cooking meals, I don’t usually cook on Friday! – we either have left overs or my husband gets us all out of the house and we go have dinner somewhere on the high road.

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It’s been a good week.  The kids went back to to school and are happy to be back.  I’m also happy that they are back at school.  They were ready really and so was I.

I hope you’ve had a good week. 

It’s September already and Summer may officially be over!

Happy Weekend.


corner view–celebrations

hibiscusI’m so thankful for corner view.  there is just something about it that I really appreciate. it’s been going for a couple of years now  and I really enjoy it.  I’ve not been here every Wednesday but I’ve met some wonderful people, real people who have invited me into their little corner and it’s a beautiful thing.

What do I love about it?…….well maybe it’s the fact the it proves to me the power of technology, or how all those that participate can be scattered all over the world yet feel so connected by a single chosen theme…..it’s amazing.

Today (well yesterday) I choose to celebrate our oneness, our diversity and our connections. I believe it’s sharing like this that brings people, communities, villages and cultures together.

Now that’s worth celebrating isn’t it!!  It’s good to be back and I looking forward to more corner viewing!

Also a very happy and special birthday wish to our dear host – Francesca!  You’ve been a great host and I hope you find someone to carry on CV..