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today in my corner it was …..

Art @ The Wallace Collection.


Gardenia Tea at the Museum Cafe

photo (72)

and Friends. (Grade 11 moms outing)

G11 wallace collection 2G11-wallace collection

It really was a lovely way to spend a cold London day.

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happiness is….

I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Mine was awesome.  It was busy, but awesome. swimming classes, piano for my daughter and drums for my son.  A world cup Rugby game and meeting up with friends from Kazakhstan.



It’s the simple things really and being in the moment that make me happy.

Have a lovely week.


I am a Fan!

and my husband and kids would probably say a crazy one at that.

photo (71)

Well my wait is almost over. the fan zones are great and the coverage on TV has been awesome, But I'm guessing the atmosphere at the stadium this weekend will be just over the top, and I’m going to be a part of it.  I can’t wait!!!

I couldn’t get tickets to watch my team – The New Zealand All Blacks, but I’ve watched them just go about their business, with their eye on the prize.

This weekend it’s Australia Vs Wales and we’re a house divided for this one.  I’m going for Wales and my husband is going for Australia. 

just rugby

But it’s going to be fun and an unreal experience!

Let's Go Wales - it was no 'fluke' that you beat England and now to finish at the top of the 'pool of death'. 

#RWC15 #Wallabies #Wales #twickenham


right now in my corner view ~ missing home

there are days and times that I wish I didn’t live so far away from home.

Don’t get me wrong I love my life.  But, there are days that I feel that I’m making sacrifices.  Especially when it comes to having my kids experience the traditions that I grew up with.

Last weekend was one of them back at home.  My cousin paid bride price and like all families do we helped.  Either by cash, shells or just turning up and making yourself useful – cooking, and serving those who came to help.

I’ve posted before about Bride Price.  I’ve shared what’s good and what’s bad about it – but it is still a tradition and we do and like most things we hold onto what is good and get rid off or change what is bad.

Here are some pictures of my mum and siblings taking our contribution to help my cousin pay his bride price.