corner view ~ leaves


it’s windy here.  We’re feeling the effects of Barney, the latest storm to hit the UK.  Although it’s windy, it’s not cold.  Well not that cold anyway!!

The Brits have recently just started naming the storms that pass through here, like the US have always done.  it’s interesting to hear the different opinions about naming their storms.

They certainly have a different kind of humor…..it’s funny and interesting all at the same time!!

my son on the other hand is happy to be able to call these storms by name……….


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corner view ~ joy

right now….joy is moving houses!!

I know that sounds a little strange but I (actually we, my family) we wanted to move houses.  There is work involved but when you’re motivated to do something – you’ll do it.

It’s been a week now in our new house.  We’re still making it our home…but that will come.  I am sure of it!!


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