one day - on this last day!

a few years ago I came across this song.

Every time I hear it around this time of the year, the lyrics challenge me (again) and I'm provoked. I find myself 'daring' myself again to make the new year that is upon me be different.

to step out of my comfort zone and start 'really living' life.  To stop being an 'ingrate' and open my heart and mind to new things and new ways.   because it is the perfect opportunity to start over.  To "live life and do life better".

What does that mean anyway??   I don't really know what that looks like and I'm not going to figure it out in this one post.  Impossible!!

2015 has been a 'trying' year. so much happened.  of course you all know about my many moves from house to house.  Having our passports stolen while we were on vacation.  Getting news of my sister giving birth to a precious little girl, only to get news 12 hours later that she had passed on.  

I have no list of resolutions for 2016.  Because by the 5th day of january I would have forgotten and failed.  I will however just make a promise to myself - to do life better.

To laugh.  to love.  and to remember that I am here for a reason!

Counting down the hours now...................

wordless Wednesday

feeling nostalgic...............and a little homesick on this 2nd last day of the year.


last Monday of 2015

there are days when I can't believe that I live here, in this vibrant, exciting, full of history city.

And I'm thankful!

It's been an eventful year to say the least. So many things happened and it is a shame that my time here in London can be distinctly remembered in 6 month segments!  with all the moves it feels like I've been here forever!

But how does that saying go......every cloud has a silver lining!!  And I will always look for the positive, because it's there.

It is!!



its the night before Christmas.......

and we are back at home.

 It was only a short trip to Cologne.  We like to make sure we are back under our own roof for Christmas and all the traditions that come with it.   Lazy night, maybe a little baking, maybe a movie.

Either way we are back home.

Cologne was festive.  crowded and oh so lovely.  We even managed to travel to Dusseldorf.

Happy Christmas Eve


counting down in Germany

so we made it!  Our schengen visa's were granted and we've finally made it to Germany.

If you've followed me on my blogs you will know that I have this love/hate relationship with my passport and the need to apply for visa's.  You will also remember that 3 years ago our application for a visa was denied.  I was disappointed but I've learnt to see the bigger picture.

Anyway we are finally in Cologne and it's great. It's the festive season so the city is buzzing.

If there is anything that fascinates me the most about any place that I am lucky to visit, it's the history.  As I get on the hop-on/hop-off bus and ride through the city and listen to the commentary, I'm always fascinated by the history and the connections each city, country has with another.

We're pacing ourselves - there's different things to do and I have to make sure that there is something for everyone.

Thank goodness for the Christmas markets!


and we are down to seven

so the kids are finally out of school and have been since Wednesday.

we did some last minute shopping yesterday for those last minute gifts for each other.  funny how I always say i'll do it better next year but it never happens!
Although I must say "i have fallen in love with shopping online!!"  It is the absolute best and such an easy way to go about shopping.  the only downside is waiting for the delivery.  Because those delivery windows could be like 5 to 6 hours.  I guess you can't have it all!!

Well with only one week left till Christmas.  I'm looking forward to it...

tis the season.........................


10 days till Christmas

Today I had a Christmas Ornament exchange with some women who have become good friends.  we're all from different parts of the world but there are many things that bring us together.

And the festive, holiday season is one of those things. We went to Harrods for afternoon tea.

this little guy was too cute to eat!!

I gifted an ornament that went to a Japanese mom and tonight she sent me a picture showing me that it has found it's place on her tree. (the bright red ornament)

we had a lovely time, eating scones, mince pies and drinking tea. (very English if you ask me!!)


Monday mornings aren't so bad

so last Friday I got my student number.
And I'm excited.  I think its about time that I learnt a little more than point and shoot!!
This will be an interesting journey......

It's the last week of school for the kids before we're out on a break.  Actually it will be a short week.  Even now we have o say bye to few friends and it's always a sad time.  but on the bright side of it we have friends in different parts of the world again.

Have a great week!


corner view ~ holiday

tis the season……………..for paperwork and applications for visa!!
It’s a blessing and a curse.  We love to travel but the hassle of paperwork just to get a visa, Ugh it’s annoying, but unavoidable.
It’s so true when they say, not all passports are equal.  I have this love hate relationship with mine.
Wish us luck….we’re trying to get to Germany again.  My fingers are crossed!!

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