one day - on this last day!

a few years ago I came across this song.

Every time I hear it around this time of the year, the lyrics challenge me (again) and I'm provoked. I find myself 'daring' myself again to make the new year that is upon me be different.

to step out of my comfort zone and start 'really living' life.  To stop being an 'ingrate' and open my heart and mind to new things and new ways.   because it is the perfect opportunity to start over.  To "live life and do life better".

What does that mean anyway??   I don't really know what that looks like and I'm not going to figure it out in this one post.  Impossible!!

2015 has been a 'trying' year. so much happened.  of course you all know about my many moves from house to house.  Having our passports stolen while we were on vacation.  Getting news of my sister giving birth to a precious little girl, only to get news 12 hours later that she had passed on.  

I have no list of resolutions for 2016.  Because by the 5th day of january I would have forgotten and failed.  I will however just make a promise to myself - to do life better.

To laugh.  to love.  and to remember that I am here for a reason!

Counting down the hours now...................

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