was a day to slow down.  It's the weekend.

there always seems to be so many things that need to be done.  Especially at the kids school.
hehe, maybe it's because I'm the chair of the Parents Teacher Association!!  

anyway I always look forward to the weekends.  whether we're out and about in this wonderful city, or I'm on my couch in my pyjama's for most of the day.  I look forward to the weekends.

tonight was 'date night'.  

And for this, I will always make time, because it's important.

I hope your enjoying your Saturday.


wordless wednesday

on this day 4 years ago, I wrote a blog entry about Christenya. - Russian Orthodox Festival.  check it out.

it's been cold here lately, but I'm reminded that I have been in colder places and have been happy!!


taking photos

it was a cold day today.  In fact I think this is the first real sign of winter.  Yes even for this island girl, the winter here lately has been mild and it's been great.

But this past week - well the temps finally dropped and it's been cold baby.

Anyway despite the weather I've managed to lug my camera around and take some photos.

It is the only way I'll be getting used to the camera, playing around with the settings, while learning how to use it. Oh there is a lot of reading to be done (which isn't fun, but I have to do it)

Richmond Theatre (not too far from where I live)

 Even this bird has it's coat on......

hope you're enjoying your weekend.



1 box - 5 meals!

so every other Monday I receive a box.  A box full of everything I need to cook 5 dinners.  It's called HelloFresh.

it's convenient, I don't have to think  'what am i going to make tonight, and best of all I feel like I'm not wasting food.

The recipes are easy to follow, quick to make and delicious.

It's great.

Well we had a good week.  the kids are happy to be back at school and it's safe to say that we are back to following our schedules and routines.

I'm thankful.

Happy Weekend!!


weekends are for.....

I have found it most interesting that no matter the weather - people are out and about and making the most of it.

You can't wait for the rain to subside or blow over.  You just have to go about your business.

And I think it is a great way to go about life - just to get going, instead of waiting for the weather to change.

Well we saw and met some people this weekend while we were out and about.  This is our last weekend of the winter break.

It's been 25 straight days of vacation....

it's time for the kids to head back to school, and for me to start my first assignment for my photography school

I hope your weekend was pleasant and relaxing what ever you did.


weekends are for...............

Being Lazy.....

Well the first weekend of the new year is over.  

It's been a lazy one, although I did start the "apartment cure" again for this year, with some cleaning!!   (I'll post about that later)

We were out and about even though the weather was typical of London - cold, wet and dreary!!  (but somehow still beautiful.

The holiday period for my husband is also over.  He gets back to work tomorrow.   I hate that he has to but I remind myself that it is the reason why we are here....work.

It's not a bad thing.  I know he enjoys his work which I am super thankful for.

Anyway is your holiday season over?  Are you ready to have the kids back in school, spouses/partners back at work?


No Resolutions......just a Mantra!!

yep, just a mantra!

So facebook told me that my word for this year would be LOVE.  And then I did it again and it gave me CHANGE.  And both are great!!

Over the last days of 2015 there has been this desire to start of 2016 right. To make some changes (or many changes).  To do things differently, to see things differently and on and on and on.

I complicate things sometimes!!

Well anyway so after some thought I came up with  this:

Be Intentional!

Yep, that's what it's going to be.  That's my mantra for 2016.

HappY New YeaR friends.

thanks for visiting.  thanks for commenting.  And thanks for making my 'stats' tick over.....................no, no.  In all seriousness, Thank You!!

what's your resolution, or mantra?

do share.