taking photos

it was a cold day today.  In fact I think this is the first real sign of winter.  Yes even for this island girl, the winter here lately has been mild and it's been great.

But this past week - well the temps finally dropped and it's been cold baby.

Anyway despite the weather I've managed to lug my camera around and take some photos.

It is the only way I'll be getting used to the camera, playing around with the settings, while learning how to use it. Oh there is a lot of reading to be done (which isn't fun, but I have to do it)

Richmond Theatre (not too far from where I live)

 Even this bird has it's coat on......

hope you're enjoying your weekend.


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♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

hey? you got a good camera, girl! read those manuals, but before all : shoot. shoot, shoot, shoot! what with the cold days coming, perhaps there'll be a thin layer of white to cover all. here's me hoping. and you shooting the images!

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