weekends are for...............

Being Lazy.....

Well the first weekend of the new year is over.  

It's been a lazy one, although I did start the "apartment cure" again for this year, with some cleaning!!   (I'll post about that later)

We were out and about even though the weather was typical of London - cold, wet and dreary!!  (but somehow still beautiful.

The holiday period for my husband is also over.  He gets back to work tomorrow.   I hate that he has to but I remind myself that it is the reason why we are here....work.

It's not a bad thing.  I know he enjoys his work which I am super thankful for.

Anyway is your holiday season over?  Are you ready to have the kids back in school, spouses/partners back at work?


Swan Li said...

I like this kind of week end! And I wish you a happy new year. A year full of beauty and joy!And love ;)

Francesca said...

when I lived in London, Covent Garden was somewhat ran down - a tourist attraction to be sure, but otherwise left to its own course. It was so lovely in an 'authentic' (hate that word now) sort of way! I fondly remember the "dolls' hospital", which was a little hole in the wall downstairs - I wonder whether it's still there, or if it's been replaced by some more fashionable store.
Happy 2016, Kari and family!