parties......without me

this weekend there was a celebration back at home......home as in Papua New Guinea.

Birthday Celebrations!!

my older sister turned another year older and my Dad would have turned 66 years.  Yep a double celebration of lives,  to be celebrated.

Again, these are the times that I wish home was closer, or that I didn't live so far away.

Anyway I still had a cake for them - not a whole cake, but a slice of a dulce de leche cheesecake.  It was so delicious and was a favorite for my Dad.

Happy Birthday Lai.

Happy Birthday Dad. (I miss you).


17 days......

yep, 17 days since the last time I posted.

the kids are on mid-term break and so it's been a slow week.  We decided to stay put this break, as you probably remember a year ago we had that little problem of our passports getting stolen!!

anyway it's been movies and theatre, and eating out.  

who doesn't like to eat out?

Even the weather has been lovely.  a bit chilly, but at least the sun shines.

Happy hump day...



that today she would have been one.

the joy and happiness that she brought to my sister and her husband was beautiful, but then just like that it was taken away.

I still don't understand and probably never will, but we accept it. 

We move on because we have too, but I'm sure there is not a day that goes by when we don't think of her. 

Remembering and celebrating you today baby Lou.