long weekend - day 2

today we took our little furry friend to the vet.

He's ok, but has a growth on his little ear.  It doesn't seem to be slowing down or anything but I thought I should get it checked.

After that well stayed home.  cleaned up a little, watched a lot of rugby and then went out for dinner.

It's a good thing we all enjoy Thai food.

the diagnoses for our little furry friend isn't good.  he has a tumor growth and it can't be operated on, so we've been told to just make him comfortable.  Albert is at the later stage of his life and we know they don't live long....but that does not make it easy.  

We will make the most of his remaining days and make him comfortable.  Sorry Albert.

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Mari said...

Aww - I'm sorry about Albert. He's very cute!
Your Thair food looks yummy!