long weekend - day 3

sometimes the best kind of trips/ adventures are the spontaneous ones.

And on this Sunday morning, that's exactly what we decided to do.  On the spur of the moment, with the sun shining outside we decided to make a day of it  and do another 'road trip'.

So off to Kent we went, to the historic dockyards.

The English weather is very unpredictable!!  Half way through our drive we got caught in a major storm.  Strong winds, heavy downpour, and shining sun in between the busy roads.

Anyway we made it to the dockyards and decided to just visit there.

I'm always impressed at how well the English preserve their history.  How they make sure that their young generations and ones to come see and learn of their history.  Rich history!

As a tourist it's wonderful.

one thing for certain after this weekend - tis that there is so much more to UK beyond the red buses and royal memorabilia!

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