weekends are for....

taking advantage of the sunny weather.  And when it shines it's so nice to be outside.
A little cold but still nice.

Hope your weekend was a good one.


it was a wonderful weekend....

I turned 40!

It was lovely, I had a party with some of my expat friends who will always be family to me.

now to stop counting the years, but rather making them count!!


constantly learning, constantly changing......

just over a month ago my daughter and I were invited to a Service at Westminster Abbey to celebrate The Commonwealth Service.  Actually she was supposed to carry the flag for PNG but because of some red tape, she couldn't.  So we went just as guests.

our small island country, Papua New Guinea along with 52 other nations are part of the commonwealth, meaning that we are united by ties to former British rule.

we got to be in the presence of the Queen and her family.  And some other pretty important people like Kofi Annan, David Cameron, oh and David Beckham(he's important too!!).  We also heard Ellie Goulding live.  Now she sounds great on the radio, but hearing her sing live......just divine.

I'm proud to be an islander, a Papua New Guinean.  but more so a global citizen where I've learnt (and am still learning) that we're all connected.  My desire to affect change cannot be a single act, but it must be a 'constant' and continuous act, a desire to continuously change for the betterment of my family, community and hopefully this small world around me.

here is the video of Ellie Goulding singing and below are some photos of my daughter and I with other 'islanders'.

I hope your week has started well.


Open Doors. Open Minds.

on our recent trip to Dubai I learnt that this mosque - the Jumeirah Mosque is open to the public. It's their initiative to increase cultural understanding for the diverse community that live in Dubai, but also for the benefit of tourists like me.

I think it's great.

Open doors.  Open minds.


note to self......

never step onto a scale right after a mini vacation!!  LOL.

we just back from a trip to Dubai.  We went for the sun.  I needed it.  actually we all did.  It was good to get away from the grind of day to day.  the cold, the weather.

We had a fab time and now we're ready for the next stretch, till end of school.
there is a little uncertainty right now.  It may be that time again.....time to move.  We haven't officially received anything yet so we're just waiting.   Its never fun but you just get on with it.

We had a great time away in the sun.  Oh and the stepping on the scale bit....yeah there's work to be done before it's officially tank top season!!!

what have you been up too lately?