constantly learning, constantly changing......

just over a month ago my daughter and I were invited to a Service at Westminster Abbey to celebrate The Commonwealth Service.  Actually she was supposed to carry the flag for PNG but because of some red tape, she couldn't.  So we went just as guests.

our small island country, Papua New Guinea along with 52 other nations are part of the commonwealth, meaning that we are united by ties to former British rule.

we got to be in the presence of the Queen and her family.  And some other pretty important people like Kofi Annan, David Cameron, oh and David Beckham(he's important too!!).  We also heard Ellie Goulding live.  Now she sounds great on the radio, but hearing her sing live......just divine.

I'm proud to be an islander, a Papua New Guinean.  but more so a global citizen where I've learnt (and am still learning) that we're all connected.  My desire to affect change cannot be a single act, but it must be a 'constant' and continuous act, a desire to continuously change for the betterment of my family, community and hopefully this small world around me.

here is the video of Ellie Goulding singing and below are some photos of my daughter and I with other 'islanders'.

I hope your week has started well.

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