getting blurry.....

every year June is just one of those months - a busy one.

birthdays, wedding anniversary, school programs - recitals, celebrations, teacher appreciation lunches, buying gifts for teachers, assemblies and of course good-byes.

This is the month when there is an exodus within the expat community.  And this time around - we are in the 'leaving group', and so we are even more busy.

there's a million and one things to do, and you just want to grind them out and tick off that to do list - but it's not that simple.  Why?  because it's all about timing.

The timing of when to give notice to our landlord.  when to schedule packing dates, cleaning dates.  when to start realistically selling items because you can't do it too soon because then we'll be without beds and bedside tables, maybe even a vehicle.

So timing is the issue right now....When to do what!!

I've armed myself with a calendar, highlighters and a lot of coffee.  Because that's what keeping me going!!

But in the midst of it all, if a friend calls and wants to have coffee, brunch or lunch - I'm going.  Because to me that is what's important.

Everything is a blurr right now but we'll get there...........



and today my sassy girl turns 12.

Happy Birthday Tanysha, you're the coolest!!


17 years married, but a few more together!

who knew that almost 20 years ago my husband and I traveled together as a 'dating couple'.  We choose to go to Australia, cause that's all we could afford and that's all we knew.

this is one of our first pictures - travelling together.

We weren't as adventurous and daring....as we are now!!

Yesterday we celebrated 17 years of married life.

If there is anything worth protecting - it's our marriage.  Above all, my relationship with my husband must come first.............everything else will fall in line.  Even the kids!!


Hello June!

Yep, it's now June and it's time to switch gears and think destination!

Have I mentioned that we're moving back to Kazakhstan?  I think I did, but anyway.....Kazahkstan is our next destination.  Thankfully this time around I know a little bit more about it.  And it's more than just Borat.

Knowing where I'm going helps, but there is a lot to do and prepare for.  Especially preparing to leave properly, with dignity and grace.  And also making sure my kids leave the right way.  to say their good byes and close those doors.

There's much to do and I will be making list...Lot's of lists!!