it's been a very busy week!

And today officially marked the end of our short 24 months here.  We did a final checkout of the house we've been living in and handed the keys back.

Our work assignments have usually been 4 years, and so 2 really is a little short, but when it's time to move you move.
And even though it's been short, it's been wonderful in so many way.

London has been a wonderful host and we love this place.  But it's time to look forward and move on, but London will always hold a special place in our hearts.

now to live our last week as tourists........................again!!

Thank goodness it's Friday!!

Happy Weekend.



just stuff....

today was the second day of packing.

i spent the weekend still trying to sort through and decide whether or not I needed all those glasses and mugs, or if i still needed the 3 different sets of linen.(ughhhh....)

At the end of the day, it all really is just "stuff".

It will take almost 2 and half, maybe 3 months before our things arrive at the other end, so I'm forced to make do without them.  And in doing so I prove to myself that I can do with 'very little'!

Everytime I do this, I a do ask myself why so much stuff, ...but then before I leave there seems to be this mad rush of shopping for things that "I think" I'll need.

although today one of the packers told me that 'this was a relatively easy pack for them!!  I (we) must be doing something right!!

Anyway, the last day of packing is tomorrow and then my last days here will be spent as a tourist.  Well until we do the final checkout of the rental property we've been renting.........  

I'm gonna miss Richmond....


the end.

so our lives in London, which can be broken down into 4, six month increments (with so many house moves) comes to an end.

the packers have arrived and done their walk through.  I've tagged everything (thank goodness for post it notes) and color coded everything.  

orange post it - sea shipment
pink post it - items to store
blue post it - air shipment.

I also have many garbage bags of rubbish and also things to give away/donate.

it's bitter sweet for sure.  

Every assignment has it's own magic and let's be honest here, challenges as well.
London is a beautiful, vibrant and exciting city.  And we have loved it.

But now to get this show on the road!  I'm ready to pack and move to what will be familiar, but different!


why i did it.....

tomorrow is the kids (well 2 out of the 3's) last day at their school.

And it's going to be sad.

As my kids grow older this part of the expat journey gets a little more difficult than the last time we left.  They're grown, they have different relationships as you do when you grow up.  And they're special friendships.

Maybe one day they won't want to do this anymore .....who knows?!

As much as I try to prepare my kids for the next move and that process of goodbyes, I have to make sure I do the same.  It's an important process.

Like I've shared - there is a lot to do and I could totally stay at home and get through that "to do list" and just get things done.  But that's not important.  What's important is to be with the people who have become your friends.  And that's what I've chosen to do!!

As my kids say bye to their school, I also have to say goodbye to the parents of whom I have led as the chair of the Parent teacher group.  Why did I put my hand up to be the leader of this group?  well I have a strong belief that we play an important role.  The parents are important group in the partnership of our children's education.  And when we build strong and positive relationship with the children's teachers and leadership of the school - our kids benefit in so many ways.

I can only speak for my own kids.  They like seeing me at school. They know that I care.  that I'm interested and I want to be a part of their education.  And I enjoy it.

Yes, it's time consuming and challenging cause there is always a very diverse and dynamic group of parents but it is rewarding.

Tomorrow is our last day at the International School of London...........and physically we will walk out those gates, but the memories will live on.