just stuff....

today was the second day of packing.

i spent the weekend still trying to sort through and decide whether or not I needed all those glasses and mugs, or if i still needed the 3 different sets of linen.(ughhhh....)

At the end of the day, it all really is just "stuff".

It will take almost 2 and half, maybe 3 months before our things arrive at the other end, so I'm forced to make do without them.  And in doing so I prove to myself that I can do with 'very little'!

Everytime I do this, I a do ask myself why so much stuff, ...but then before I leave there seems to be this mad rush of shopping for things that "I think" I'll need.

although today one of the packers told me that 'this was a relatively easy pack for them!!  I (we) must be doing something right!!

Anyway, the last day of packing is tomorrow and then my last days here will be spent as a tourist.  Well until we do the final checkout of the rental property we've been renting.........  

I'm gonna miss Richmond....

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