3 days in.....

it's as if we never left!

my kids have fit right back into the school and community and things are different but familiar for me.

When I think about it, it really is a great thing to be 'community living'.  And it certainly makes transitioning easier.

We arrived Sunday night to a house readied and a kitchen stocked with the basics to get us through the first couple of days.  the baked cookies and cranberry bread, gave that homey feel and they were so good.

Of course not everything was smooth sailing.  We boarded the plane with 11 bags and only 3 made it with us!!

Not so great, but we've learnt to pack a carry on with at least 2 days worth of clothing for everyone so we were covered.  silver lining for our bags not arriving altogether - i can unpack a few bags at a time!!   There's always a positive................. you just got to look for it.

Well my life is here now.  I'm thinking it's time for me to merge all my blogs together, but I got to find someone to help me with that.  Or do I just go back to my of Kazakhstan blog - Come Into our Yurta.  I liked the title...

Anyway, here's to new adventures and new beginnings!


Mari said...

You are amazing! I wouldn't handle these big moves and settle in so nicely as you do.
I thought of you tonight. I'm watching the Olympics and I saw Kazakhstan get a gold!

likeschocolate said...

I am glad the transition went well. Can't wait to see more of your adventures. Have a great weekend!

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