Dear London.......

I'm missing you. it's only been a week and I'm missing you much.

transition is not always smooth sailing.

The physical part of a move is always the easy part.  Packing our boxes and lives into suitcases is kind of normal now and you just do it.  Of course there's work involved but you just get on with it. That's the easy part.

What's difficult is the emotional and psychological part of a move.  It's the leaving behind, the saying good-byes and the desire to have a proper closer...(i'm still working on that one - let me know if anyone has that down or at least has some good tips!!)  And that's just the leaving.

On the other end, it's the anxiety of a new destination.  The fear of what's waiting for you and your family on the other end.  And in our case this time, what's changed or not changed.  And then on top of that, it's the settling in, and trying to find your way around - not just the place, but people.  That's always tricky.

And so London, i miss you.  The easiness, the convenience and the choices of what one can do.  The history of the place, the forward thinking of a vibrant and diverse city.  You are missed.

Our first weekend just happened. my family and I are working on what will be the norm for us during weekends.

I did drag the kids out of our gated community to the grocery store, to get them out.

I think that might be just what we have to do......get out and explore because there's a lot out there.  We just got to get out.

It's only been a week.  But I think London will always have a special place in my heart....

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Teresa Hermanson said...

We miss you here in London. Xxx

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