that was a first.....

So today I was accosted!!

By a kid.  I couldn't believe it that he had the nerve.  Actually when I stepped out of my taxi he approached me begging me for some money in a calm voice, and in a tone where I could tell he was begging.  Before I could say anything, he's voice got aggressive and he lunged toward me as if to scare me.

He was a kid!  no taller than my own son who is only 8.  I didn't feel scared or threatened in any way, in fact if I had reacted and maybe hit him or pushed him, I think I would have gotten into more trouble.

I walked away thinking wow............now that's a first here!  I'm not deterred but it was a good reminder to be careful and aware of my surroundings, no matter where I am.

Anyway after that I walked over and took a picture of this place.  Its a restaurant.  I love the structure of it and how very traditional it looks.  I've been once but in the winter.  maybe it's time to go now, the last summer days in Atyrau.

Happy Hump Day!

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Mari said...

It's very pretty!
It's crazy and sad about that kid. He's off to a bad start in his young life!