changing stages

yesterday I had coffee with some moms from my daughters school here in London.

There were some new moms, moms who have been at the school for a couple of years and then some moms who have left the school but still have friends there - so came along.

as an expat (actually even just as a mom) these gatherings are so important.  You meet, you share and we exchange contacts for a doctor or an orthodontist that you would recommend.  It's important.

As I sat there, across from me was a mom whose been at the school for a couple years but I noticed something(someone) was missing.  You see last year her son would be there with us. Having his glass of milk, some apples that his mom would bring and a few toys to keep him busy while the moms talked.

I asked my friend where her son was and she said - he's started school, his early years.  Oh what a wonderful time for her and her son.  A new beginning, a new chapter.

I sat there thinking about how she might be feeling I thought about my own changes for this year, and the need to manage 2 school calendars.  Our family of five have some changes of our own this year.

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