a month and 10 pounds later.....

I'm finally home.

to a house that's still empty, but I'm home.

Maybe you heard about my little visa problem.  Well it's all been resolved now (between country and company) and I can now travel in and out of Kazakhstan without any restrictions.  And it's a good feeling.

A month and 7 days is way too long for anyone to be living in a hotel and out of a suitcase. There are so many reasons for it being bad for you and at the top of the list is how bad your diet becomes.  Hence the 10 pounds!!
You just don't and can't eat well and sometimes meal times is what is convenient.  At least I made sure that I started the day off well and ate breakfast in the hotel. But perhaps didn't work too well.

Although some good things came from it and here's 3 off the top of my head....

1.  my husband can totally take care of the kids.  Actually I always knew he could cause before we married I saw him take care of his nieces.  Change diapers, feed them and even play with them.  So that was never going to be a problem.  I guess it was just me having to let go and letting him.

2.  my kids grew up......fast!  In their own ways Tanysha who is 12 and Josh who is 8 missed me on different levels.  And of course each ones needs are different, but they totally grew up quick in the time I was away.  I guess if there is one main purpose for me is 'raising my kids to be capable and able'.  And sometimes being forced to be away from them forces that issue upon us.

3. I got to have some down time.  before I left my husband told me to look at it as a mini vacation.  A time to take care of me.  It was great.  I got to catch up with friends, go to the movies, had lots of retail therapy and then there were days when I didn't have to do anything.  It was good for me.!

But it is so good to be back at home.  To be able to sleep in my own bed and eat home cooked meals!

And now I think it's time to do something about this 10 pounds that I picked up from somewhere!! LOL...

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